The Challenge of Translating Legalese

Overcoming language barriers plays a crucial role in effective legal translation. There is no room for misinterpretation when it comes to legal cases. A single misunderstood word could result in a range of repercussions, from mistranslated documents to poorly conveyed messages in court.

Those facing charges or engaged in legal transactions in a foreign area where they don’t speak the native language should hire a translator or interpreter. Antea Translations has professional translators and interpreters fluent in Spanish, Russian, and English. Our legal language professionals will relay your legal information accurately and appropriately.

Benefits of Clear Legal Communication

The tension and anxiety from a pending legal case can cloud your judgement and lead to poorly planned decisions. With all these emotional and mental stressors, expressing your thoughts in a foreign language seems impossible.

The ideal approach is to hire a professional translator or interpreter. Having Antea Translations translators and interpreters oversee legal communication channels and convey your messages in the target language offers the following benefits:


Our translators and interpreters can express your thoughts and ideas—and translate your legal documents—in the most appropriate, descriptive, and exacting terms.

Save Time

Do not waste your precious time stressing over understanding foreign words and jargon. Leave something as crucial as legal transactions to a professional translator or interpreter who understands the nuances of both languages.

Less Stress

Trying to make sure that your legal transactions read specifically as you need them to in a foreign language—or that you understand the subtle cultural nuances if you’re facing legal charges in a foreign country—will drain you emotionally and physically. Rely on our language team of translators and interpreters to do the heavy lifting.

Do You Need an Interpreter or a Document Translated?

Avoiding Disaster

Do you know why court reporters record proceedings or why defence attorneys keep all their past case records? The answer: because legal cases take everything into account. Every single word impacts the results of the proceedings or investigation.

Never compromise effective legal translation. Hire a professional language service from Antea Translations to ensure accuracy and precision when conveying thoughts in a foreign setting. Multiple consequences can stem from poorly translated paperwork or misunderstood interpretation.

Some of the Legal Documents We Work With

Book of Evidence
Case Files
Civic Documents
Declarations & Affidavits
Immigration Documents
Memorandum of Articles
Power of Attorney
Summons and Complaints

How Our Translators and Interpreters Can Help You

Antea Translations consists of professional translators who can help clients carrying out legal translations like immigration documents, wills, summons and complaints, or filling legal papers. We will accurately translate and convey your messages in Russian, Spanish, or English.

Our versatility sets us a cut above the rest. We strive to be adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate our clients’ individual needs and demands. Our interpreters generally assist with the following.

Private Consultations

Our fluent interpreters will convey your thoughts and emotions in the target language your defence attorney speaks.

Tribunal Hearings

Ensure that the presiding tribunal chairman understands your statements with the help of our professional interpreters.

Pre-trial Consultations​

We will relay everything your defence attorney wants you to know regarding your upcoming court trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each translation job is different, and the price will depend on four factors: the quantity of text (number of words), the deadline, the language and the level of difficulty of the text.

It depends on the nature of the document. A same-day, express translation service is generally available.

- Please fill up required details in our form if you want to order translation or book an interpreter. Also, you can email us at, give us a call: +353852145952 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your specifications.

The quote for interpreting service depends on the nature of the event. For example, if it’s a business meeting that may take a few hours, we will quote at an hourly rate; if it’s a two-day conference, a daily rate will be applied. Also, different types of interpreting have different rates, so we always schedule a free consultation in order to provide interpreting service that best suits your needs.

We accept payment by bank transfer, debit card and credit card.

Ready to Start?

Whether you have an upcoming conference that you need an interpreter for or an email campaign that you need to be translated, Antea Translations is here to help. Contact us today and we can help you set up the professional language service that best suits your needs.

Our Services

The services offered by Antea Translations go beyond simple document translation. For any communication needs that you might have, from document translation to meeting interpretation, we are here to facilitate communication.


Translation is one of the main services that we offer. Our translators quickly and accurately translate written documents and more to your target language. Check out our translations page to see what types of translations we specialize in.


Whether you are hosting a conference or have an important meeting, you may want to consider hiring a professional interpreter. Our interpretation page will tell you more about the types of events and meetings we can interpret for you.

Communication Management

Rather than communicating with someone through translated emails and interpreters, let our team handle it for you. We will establish communication on your behalf and deliver what you want to say to simplify things.

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