The Challenges of Medical Communication Across Languages

Language barriers when you are engaged in medical translation can negatively impact the success rate of any treatment program. Even simple misinterpretations between doctor and patient can lead to misdiagnosis. Effective communication allows patients to express their symptoms clearly in their own language and translate them accurately into the doctor’s language. Doing so helps physicians create customised, effective treatment programs.

Patients and medical practitioners who need help with translation during checkups and examinations can turn to Antea Translations. We have professional translators and interpreters who are fluent in Spanish, Russian, and English

Be sure to book a consultation today with one of our translators or interpreters to see how we can help with your upcoming checkup or treatment. We cater both to patients and medical practitioners. Whether you need help when speaking to patients or relaying specific symptoms to a doctor, our team can help.

Benefits of Clear Medical Communication

Medical treatments and examinations carry enough stress as is without miscommunication. If neither the patient nor the physician knows whether they are conveying their thoughts clearly, the process may drag even longer—or serious miscommunication may occur.

These delays have varying consequences, from delayed treatments to the worsening of one’s symptoms. To ensure that treatment programs go smoothly despite language barriers, be sure to hire Antea Translations for professional translation and interpretation services. We can help improve communication on both ends.

Accuracy and Precision

There is no room for misinterpretation when relaying symptoms and prescribing medication.

Patients' Trust

Patients are more likely to trust and relate to medical practitioners they understand with the help of a translator or interpreter.

Efficient Doctor-Patient Communication

Accurate translation and interpretation services can significantly improve the exchange of ideas between patients and doctors who speak different languages.

Do You Need an Interpreter or a Document Translated?

Avoiding Disaster

How can medical translation improve medical treatments and programs? First, misinterpretation and misdiagnosis each have severe, long-term, and irreversible consequences that medical practitioners need to avoid at all costs.

Second, a professional translator can quickly and effectively translate foreign documents, from identification documents to medical history records. Mistranslated documents have just as much negative impact as poor interpersonal communication does.

Third, interpreters can help patients express themselves. Relaying the symptoms you feel in a foreign language seems like a tall challenge.

Some of the Medical Documents We Work With

Clinical Trial Documentation
Medical Reports
Patient Consent Forms
Patient Questionnaires
Medical Device Documentation
Healthcare Leaflets
Medical Journals
Patient Records
Regulatory Documents
Medical Research Questionnaires

How Our Translators and Interpreters Can Help You

Antea Translations hires only the best, most fluent native speakers. We will never compromise effective communication. Our Russian, Spanish, and English translation and interpretation services are available to both medical practitioners and patients.

What sets us a cut above the rest is our accuracy. The team will go above and beyond to explain even complex medical terms or hard-to-express feelings. You can hire us to assist with the following.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials require proper medical translation to reach accurate, precise findings.

Medical Consultations

Our interpreters can accurately and precisely translate every piece of information that a doctor or patient communicates during consultations.

Telemedicine Follow-ups

Medical practitioners need accurate findings to assess the efficacy of the treatments they initially prescribed.

Pre-operative Assessments

We can speed up the assessment process to help patients get the necessary treatment right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each translation job is different, and the price will depend on four factors: the quantity of text (number of words), the deadline, the language and the level of difficulty of the text.

It depends on the nature of the document. A same-day, express translation service is generally available.

- Please fill up required details in our form if you want to order translation or book an interpreter. Also, you can email us at, give us a call: +353852145952 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your specifications.

The quote for interpreting service depends on the nature of the event. For example, if it’s a business meeting that may take a few hours, we will quote at an hourly rate; if it’s a two-day conference, a daily rate will be applied. Also, different types of interpreting have different rates, so we always schedule a free consultation in order to provide interpreting service that best suits your needs.

We accept payment by bank transfer, debit card and credit card.

Ready to Start?

Whether you have an upcoming conference that you need an interpreter for or an email campaign that you need to be translated, Antea Translations is here to help. Contact us today and we can help you set up the professional language service that best suits your needs.

Our Services

The services offered by Antea Translations go beyond simple document translation. For any communication needs that you might have, from document translation to meeting interpretation, we are here to facilitate communication.


Translation is one of the main services that we offer. Our translators quickly and accurately translate written documents and more to your target language. Check out our translations page to see what types of translations we specialize in.


Whether you are hosting a conference or have an important meeting, you may want to consider hiring a professional interpreter. Our interpretation page will tell you more about the types of events and meetings we can interpret for you.

Communication Management

Rather than communicating with someone through translated emails and interpreters, let our team handle it for you. We will establish communication on your behalf and deliver what you want to say to simplify things.

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