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Translation Accuracy Problems?

Many businesses find success by expanding internationally. Antea Translations is here to help your business take this important step. We have the expertise and capabilities to empower your words in English, Spanish and Russian.

As an international business that may be expanding into new territories and different languages, you don’t want to find yourself communicating with poorly translated writing. Inaccurate translations can be seen as a huge oversight and may even cost you a business deal or ruin your reputation.

To avoid these problems, it is essential to hire professional and qualified translators and interpreters. To make sure your message comes across clearly and powerfully, you not only need a great translator but one who knows your industry.

Properly translating text from one language to another or interpreting live speech on the fly requires skill, time, attention to detail, and, in some cases, industry-specific knowledge. Knowledge of cultural nuances and local expressions is another key component of effective communication.

The staff at Antea Translations are highly trained native speakers who work tirelessly to ensure your message is clear and the meaning is the same as in the original language. We hold ourselves and our translations and interpretations to a professional standard to ensure the success of your communications.


Our certified translators and interpreters understand linguistic nuances and are experts in their specific field.


The translations will not only be grammatically correct and spellchecked, but our staff will also ensure that local expressions and cultural nuances are translated correctly.

Save Cost

Correcting translation mistakes or dealing with misunderstandings can cost much more than hiring a professional language service from the beginning.

Save Time

Correcting translation mistakes of unprofessional translators or dealing with misunderstandings during the interpreting process of an unqualified interpreter can take a lot of extra time.

Our Languages

Our translators and interpreters are professionally trained and are fluent in their main languages at a native level. Know that your translations and interpretations will be of high quality and professional when you work with us.

We employ staff with a deep understanding of three of the most commonly spoken languages in the world: Spanish, English, and Russian. By hiring translators and interpreters from Antea Translations, you will be able to conduct business around the world.


There are many nuances in the Spanish language depending on your target country. Translations for an audience in Spain might be different for an audience in Honduras. Our language specialists know these differences and will be sure to capture them.​


In today’s world, more and more business is conducted in English. Whether you are translating from or to English, our language team have plenty of experience working with the language and will be sure to uphold the highest standards of accuracy and quality.


Another major language that we work with is Russian. Our team of Russian translators and interpreters will be able to expertly translate Russian text or speech from or to English or Spanish.

Industry Specialists

One of the most complicated parts of hiring a translator or an interpreter is finding one who knows the industry terms and concepts that you use in your business.


We have a team of translators and interpreters that deal strictly with legal contracts and businesses. They know legal terminology in every language and can be trusted to translate technical legal documents or to interpret pre-trial consultations.


Another important field that requires extreme attention to detail is medicine. Our translators and interpreters understand the life-and-death nature of the medical field and the importance of absolute accuracy for medical translations and interpretations.

Real Estate

The real estate industry has many of its own expressions and terms in addition to legal jargon. Our translators and interpreters will be sure to use the right terms to help your real estate transaction.


So much of the global economy relies on international business dealings across languages. Our translators and interpreters know to use professional tones and are careful to get your message across clearly.

Our Services

The services offered by Antea Translations go beyond simple document translation. For any communication needs that you might have, from document translation to meeting interpretation, we are here to facilitate communication.


Translation is one of the main services that we offer. Our translators quickly and accurately translate written documents and more to your target language. Check out our translations page to see what types of translations we specialize in.


Whether you are hosting a conference or have an important meeting, you may want to consider hiring a professional interpreter. Our interpretation page will tell you more about the types of events and meetings we can interpret for you.

Communication Management

Rather than communicating with someone through translated emails and interpreters, let our team handle it for you. We will establish communication on your behalf and deliver what you want to say to simplify things.

Ready to Start?

Whether you have an upcoming conference that you need an interpreter for or an email campaign that you need to be translated, Antea Translations is here to help. Contact us today and we can help you set up the professional language service that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please fill up required details in our form if you want to order translation or book an interpreter. Also, you can email us at, give us a call: (+353) 852 145 952 or schedule a free consultation to discuss your specifications.

We accept payment by bank transfer, debit card and credit card.

The main difference is that translation is transferring written text from source language to target language while conveying the original meaning of the text, but interpreting refers to spoken information.

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